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Now i know that Life is a journey. We are all travelling inevitably towards our destination. We will either coast through life with no sense of direction or we will Coast off purpose and fulfilment. The race is on. Everyone's life is driven by something - guilt, worry or fear, insecurity, anger, resentment, past, possessions, etc.

 God wants you to be purpose driven and be  driven by His plan. His purpose for your life is for you to be successful and He is ready to take you these process. That's where meaning and significance come. When God planned you, He planned your purpose even before you were born. So in tying to realise your purpose in life, never let small people with small minds change your path from where God is taking you to.

 Years back at the #HOTR 2017 it's your time conference tagged #EMERGE...i learnt a few things and I'm ready to go through these process again!  A rebirth has taken place & it is a new mindset towards achieving purpose and fulfilments. So, In working towards purpose and life fulfilment, we must understand the following:  Seek wisdom...because wisdom is the principal thing that opens and unlocks the keys to favor with God and men. live a life of gratitude, love yourself and Pray always. Give God your all, change yourself, change your mindset, make your dreams happen and believe in yourself. Impact lives for positive reason, put a smile on someone's face and love your friends the way you love yourself...even if they hurt You, love them more and move on.

 Life is not all about money, but money is important...so if you cannot give money, give time and give what you can. Always keep a positive mindset and keep working on your goals to realise your goal. Be patient 'cos it will help you solve so many issues. Be kind always, because God will surely fix you and repay you for your kindness.  Give God your time and love God with your all! Do not allow any other time take over God's time in your life...He is the reason you are still alive...so keep walking your journey with Him.

Finally! Grow spiritually, know your worth and worth what you worth and nothing less! Laugh, love, grow and be successful! Have a very blessed week ahead and don't forget to connect with Your destiny helper and not the one that will reverse it..."I LOVE MY MONDAYS" #EMERGED!

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