• Londin Angel Winters

Be aware of your identity!

Accepting who you are is crucial to building your identity..and a direction to self-discovery. This is a real drive to fulfilling your life essence. Stop parodying others. Most of the people you imitate are either formed in their ways or are getting ready to be shaped in a particular way again. We are all a work in progress....so we must not lose the essence of why we were created.

You owe no one but yourself the solution to finding your life purpose...it is part of the process of growth. God already gave you the mandate to find and fulfil your purpose, and the journey started from the day you realised who you are in Him...and until you achieve clarity, you have to keep working through life and its evolution.

So, therefore, accepting who you are is a crucial step to finding your own identity. Self-acceptance frees you from attachment to your notions. Get rid of your self-defining labels. Stay positive and be grateful for life!



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